Software Solutions for Medical Call Centers

SironaHealth's Medical Call Center Software: IntelliView®

Practicing what we preach -- the software we sell is in use within our medical call center and used by our distributed network of nurses.

SironaHealth’s contact center application, IntelliView, is specifically designed for use in healthcare call centers. Its unique usability features streamline the process of data entry, which supports the natural flow of conversation with a patient.

Telephone Triage Software:

SironaHealth has partnered with some of the nation's leading developers of telephone triage guidelines and health information. Our nurse triage software utilizes:

  • The Barton Schmitt Pediatric Triage Advice System
    SironaHealth licenses Dr. Schmitt's guidelines, which are nationally accepted as the "gold standard" in pediatric telephone triage practice. This content covers the spectrum from newborn to age 21, and has been used as a basis for decision making in millions of calls around the world.
  • The David A. Thompson MD Adult Telephone Triage Guidelines
    SironaHealth also licenses adult decision support guidelines from Dr. Thompson, a nationally renowned leader in the development of clinical content sets. The guidelines are reviewed and regularly expanded, and cover the spectrum from age 18 to age 120.
  • Healthwise®
    For health information calls, IntelliView provides access to the Healthwise® Knowledgebase. This medical content database provides nurses with information on over 5,500 topics on health conditions, medical tests and procedures, medications, and everyday health and wellness issues. For more information regarding Healthwise®, please visit their website at
  • Content Neutral
    Although IntelliView does include the industry-standard Barton Schmitt guidelines for pediatric patients, and the David Thompson guidelines for adults, this application provides extensive customization options from process workflow to communications delivery.  IntelliView's architecture is content neutral, allowing organizations to use the clinical content they prefer, whether it is from SironaHealth, a third-party, or their own custom content.

Nurse triage software for clinicians, by clinicians

IntelliView is designed to streamline the process of data entry and support the natural flow of conversation with a patient/member. Specific usability features include:

  • Split screen that allows nurses to review dispositions as they are gathering the caller’s symptomatic detail.
  • Hyperlinks that are embedded within the assessment screen to allow quick and easy reference to relevant information, such as related guidelines, OTC drug dosing, charts, and other online resources.
  • A “virtual” binder design that speeds navigation by allowing multiple tabs to remain open throughout the call.
  • “One-click access” to allow seamless transitions to complementary functions, such as program registration or to take a return call from a physician, without disrupting the triage process.

Medical Call Center Software:

Not only does our IntelliView application support clinical programs such as nurse triage, but it also supports non-clinical programs and integrated Web applications. Our marketing modules include:

  • Physician Referral
  • Class and Event Registration
  • Custom Inbound & Outbound Survey
  • Collateral Fulfillment
  • Member Services
  • Answering Services
  • Enrollment
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Member & Patient Satisfaction