Reporting & Analytics

Track, measure, and improve program performance

SironaHealth's in-depth service reporting makes it easy to assess the impact of your telehealth and consumer engagement programs. 

Each service offered by SironaHealth includes a specific set of reports designed to ensure quality and measure whether or not the service is meeting your program goals. Reports range from utilization metrics (including call type, speed of answer, and connect rates) to detailed ROI results for specific programs. 

SironaHealth Reporting Example

Access reports in the way that's most convenient for you 

We understand that people are different. Some people like to log-in to a web portal to review their reports. Others prefer to receive reports via email. We make it easy to analyze and share data with your team by offering multiple ways to access your reports.

Our reports can be:

  • Sent via secure email.
  • Uploaded to a client or SironaHealth hosted FTP site.
  • Downloaded from SironaHealth online reporting portal.
  • Directly fed into a customers CRM or EMR system.

How we measure and manage your custom programs

One of the more challenging things to do in our industry is to provide reporting for custom programs. To meet this challenge, we've implemented a sophisticated data warehouse and business intelligence system that allows us to track and report on every single interaction we have with your consumers.

Using this raw data, we can compile custom reports that provide the details and analysis you need to make informed decisions on how to improve program performance.