Pre-Admission Education and Assessment

Improve literacy, avoid cancellations, set discharge expectations.

Pre-Admission Education and Assessment services ensure patients are prepared for their upcoming procedure and their recovery plan.

By implementing a pre-admission process you're able to improve patient health literacy prior to admission, avoid expensive cancellations due to non-compliance, and set appropriate expectations.

SironaHealth's pre-admission services identify and address potential patient risk factors prior to surgery through inbound and outbound assessments. 

Build a Complete Patient History

Capture all relevant patient data prior to their upcoming procedure

During pre-admission calls, our nurses conduct patient assessments to gather demographics, current medications, known allergies, and any other information relating to your patient's procedure and/or health status.

  • We customize programs for each admission type, ensuring each patient receives relevant, personalized information. 
  • We conduct health risk assessments, which include (but not limited to) Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Urinary / Renal.
  • All assessment data is captured and provided as stand alone reports, a custom data feed, or integrated with your EMR.

Remove Barriers to Patient Compliance

Clarify instructions, schedule appropriate tests, and provide coaching

SironaHealth provides customized escalation and referrals based on what we learn about your patients. Using information gathered during the patient assessment, our nurses coordinate all necessary patient activities to ensure they are compliant with pre-procedure requirements.  

  • Schedule any necessary tests or doctors appointments. 
  • Provide clarification on pre-admission instructions. 
  • Send educational materials via email or print format.
  • Conduct one-on-one nurse triage and health coaching. 

Set Patient Expectations

Help patients understand what will happen during and after admission

As you look to improve the patient experience, setting the right expectations is a critical part of the healthcare process. A poor patient experience, in many cases, is caused when the patient feels the care they received did not meet their needs and/or expectations.  

  • Educate patients on upcoming procedures and walk them through what will happen during their admission. 
  • Prepare patients for their recovery by outlining what will happen post discharge, and what their responsibilities will be. 
  • Provide 24x7 support, allowing patients to call in and speak to a registered nurse as new questions arise.