Post Discharge Software

All-in-one, fully managed post discharge follow up software.

SironaHealth's software solution lets your own post discharge team manage patient follow up care.

As the engine of your post hospital follow up programs, our platform allows you to connect with recently discharged patients over the telephone in a way that adheres to appropriate clinical protocols while being customized for each individual patient.

  • Find, escalate, and triage at risk patients
  • Coordinate the use of local resources
  • Identify hospital service issues 
  • Target process improvement efforts 
  • Measure performance

The result is a system that allows you to effectively smooth transitions in care, reduce unnecessary readmission, and increase patient satisfaction.

Patient Interaction Tools

Not your average post discharge telephone scripts

SironaHealth's patient interaction tools allow your team to easily capture patient information, determine health status, and provide relevant information or coaching. 

A key advantage to our system is it's ability to be highly customizable—allowing you to present nurses and transition specialists with patient specific script questions, messaging, escalation rules, and notification triggers. 

Features include custom scripts, data collection fields, branching, scoring logic, and addition/suppression rules.

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Call Queue Manager

Connect with your patients quickly and consistently

SironaHealth's queuing system allows your team to reach out to patients in a timely fashion—allowing you to catch complications early, fill gaps in follow-up care, and capture experience feedback while it’s still top-of-mind. 

To help you improve patient connection rates, our system allows you to manage call attempt spacing, number of call attempts, and specific patient requests for callback. 

We also serve as the system of record for documenting all call attempts and recording each patient interaction.

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Patient Escalation Process

Provide clinical support to your patients at a moments notice

Every follow up call your team makes will need to be able to address symptomatic patients.

SironaHealth's application provides your team with the ability to immediately escalate (warm transfer) symptomatic patients to a RN for triage—or if nurses are making outbound calls, allow them to initiate and process triage calls themselves using our guideline based system.

During non-urgent calls, our system faciliates referrals to physicians, services, and local facilities.

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Automated, Real-Time Alerts

Targeted feedback that drives change

Triggered by specific answers, demographics, or in-home monitoring equipment, you can configure SironaHealth's software platform to send real-time notifications to relevant parties within your organization—alerting them to a service issue that requires action and/or analysis.

Alerts can also be sent to any affiliated healthcare practitioner and/or facility that needs to take action to prevent a poor patient outcome, such as a readmission.

Real-time notifications can be sent via live agent calls, automated calls, secure email, text messages, or pages.

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Reporting / Analytics

Make program decisions based on key metrics

SironaHealth reporting allows you to view, analyze, and gain insight from your follow up efforts—enabling you to continuously refine your post discharge programs. 

SironaHealth's post discharge software reporting inlcudes:

  • Standard Library of Reports
  • Data Warehouse (Custom Reporting)
  • Unit Level Reports
  • Agent Level Reports
  • Control Charts
  • Senior Management Scorecard

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Fully Managed Software

No need to bother your IT department

We understand the strain your IT departments are under in today's healthcare environment. Implementation of EMRs alone can overtax even the most sophisticated teams. 

That's why we've created a transitional care software solution that is managed and maintained completely by SironaHealth, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

We process all changes to scripts, escalation rules, alerts, patient file loads, and reporting on your behalf. 

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Additional Features

  • Change Management Process
    As your programs evolves, so will your system requirements. SironaHealth's system will evolve in tandem, updating scripts, workflows, alerts, and reporting.
  • Project Management Services
    Implementation, program optimization, and software enhancements are all deployed using SironaHealth's proven project management methodologies. 
  • Training and Support
    We've created a comprehensive training program and support structure to ensure your transitional care teams get the most from our software solutio
  • Data Integration
    SironaHealth's application interface can take-in patient data to be used during the call and transmit interaction data to your EHR/Patient Record in real time. 

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