Physician Referral Services

Help your patients find the right doctor within your healthcare system.

SironaHealth’s telephone, website, and mobile physician referral services increase provider awareness, build relationships with physicians, and increases community engagement.

When you use SironaHealth’s physician referral services, you’ll be able to increase the number of referrals you provide—giving you more opportunities to recruit and schedule new patients.

Telephone Physician Referral

Helping your patients find the right doctor

Using caller-defined criteria, SironaHealth agents quickly identify multiple doctors, access physician information, and map multiple office locations to help your patient find the perfect physician match. Focused on providing exceptional service, we provide your patients with:  

  • Comprehensive information about your physicians that include education, certifications, and clinical specialties.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to physician offices and facilities.
  • The ability to facilitate the scheduling of an appointment or be transferred directly to the physician's office.
  • Follow up fulfillment, including confirmation letters, emails, or any other materials you wish to distribute. 

Website Physician Referral

Allow your patients to easily search for doctors on your website

The key to a successful physician referral program is to offer an integrated service through the phone and the Internet. SironaHealth offers online capabilities for our physician referral programs—providing you with an effective way to deliver targeted referral services via your website.

  • Find physicians online using the same criteria as our call center agents, ensuring consistent information.
  • Review detailed physician profiles that include photos and turn-by-turn directions to the facility of their choosing.
  • Call a referral specialist at anytime if they have questions about any of the physicians they find on your website. 


Smartphone Physician Referral

Help your patients find in-network doctors via their smartphone and tablet

As more patients turn to their smartphones to access the Internet, it's critical that your physician referral strategy includes a mobile component. SironaHealth's Find a Physician smartphone app works as an extension of your mobile website or as a stand-alone web-app.

  • Built as a web-app, SironaHealth's mobile app doesn't rely on an app store and works on any smartphone browser.
  • Private branding allows you to "skin" the mobile app to match the branding of your website and current mobile apps.
  • One-touch escalation allows patients to immediately connect with a SironaHealth referral specialist via the telephone.


Make the most of each engagement by promoting other relevant services

SironaHealth's transitional care services are completely integrated—allowing us to seamlessly promote relevant doctors at the end of non-urgent nurse triage, event and class registration, service referral, or any other healthcare interactions we have with the patient.

  • Agent based promotional messaging is triggered by patient demographics, disposition, or pre-defined criteria. 
  • Promote your physician referral service on fulfillment materials—such as confirmation letters and email. 
  • Add promotional language to your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus or other automated messaging. 

Campaign Management and Reporting

Close the loop on your patient acquisition programs

SironaHealth provides actionable reporting on the effectiveness of your physician referral programs—making it easy for you to assess how well you're driving physician referrals, patient appointments, and revenue. 

  • View, analyze, and gain insight into performance with reports that reflect campaign status, outcomes, and success trends.
  • All interaction data is tracked and phone calls are recored. We can extract and send this data to you in any format.
  • SironaHealth's project and account management teams will help you optimize programs based on what we learn over time.