Scheduling and Patient Care Reminders

Promote services. Schedule patients. Send appointment reminders.

We drive utilization of relevant healthcare services by helping your patients schedule appointments.

Appointment scheduling can be initiated as the result of any interaction SironaHealth has with your patients—helping your patients easily secure all necessary appointments with their care team.

We also help you remind patients of upcoming appointments or relevant services by sending highly personalized reminder notificaitons.

Appointment Scheduling

Facilitate patient appointments across your entire health system

Regardless of the original reason for speaking with the patient, when appropriate, SironaHealth can schedule your patient with the appropriate healthcare resource. Depending on what level of access you're able to provide SironaHealth, we can faciliate scheduling in few ways. 

  • Option #1: SironaHealth healthcare service representatives can directly access your scheduling system in real-time.
  • Option #2: We can transfer patients directly to your scheduling department to set the appointment.
  • Option #3: Submit appointment requests to your scheduling team for follow up appointment setting.

Appointment Reminders

Make sure patients show up for appointments prepared and on-time

Patient no-shows are costly. Not only to the bottom-line, but also to patient health. Motivating patients to show up for their exams, tests, or coaching sessions can be the difference between positive and negative health outcomes. 

  • Remind patients of their upcoming appointment, answer questions, and adjust as needed.
  • Confirm patient appointments with automated voice reminder calls that include live agent escalattion.
  • Automatically send your patients email, text message, or direct mail appointment reminders.

Notification Types

Remind patients with live agent outbound, inbound, and automated calls

A key part of ensuring patient compliance is being able to remind patients of upcoming appointments or other available services at various touch points. SironaHealth allows you to provide personalized reminders using both inbound and outbound strategies.

  • Outbound Live Agent Reminders: SironaHealth Nurses or Medical Service Representatives make outbound reminder calls.
  • Outbound Automated Voice: Send interactive voice reminders, which can escalate to an RN at anytime.
  • Inbound Reminders: During any call, we can initiate reminders based on health status, demographics, and/or location.

Preventive Care Reminders

Increase patient awareness of available preventive care services

Sometimes your patients need an extra reminder to take care of themselves. We use targeted care reminders to suggest relevant, local healthcare resources and programs. For example, using outbound and inbound services we can:

  • Remind diabetic patients of the importance of annual eye exams and help them find an optometrist or endocrinologist.
  • Suggest to patients over 50 that they should get their seasonal flu shot, providing information on local flu clinics.
  • Encourage women over 40 to schedule an appointment to have their annual mammograms.