Engagement Services

Improve your patients' access to relevant health services and clinicians

We help health insurers, hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare focused organizations engage people about their health and connect them to the appropriate resource using the telephone, computer, and mobile device.

  • Physician Referral

    Physician Referral
    Find a Doctor services are a great way to recruit new patients. We coordinate referrals via the call center, your website, and smartphone apps.

  • Service Referral

    Service Referral
    If consumers don't know about your services, how can you get them to participate? We refer callers to your relevant services and facilities.

  • Class/Event Registration

    Class/Event Registration
    From event scheduling to payment processing, SironaHealth helps you improve participation rates for your health and wellness programs.

  • Member/Patient Services

    Member/Patient Services
    You work hard to recruit new patients, but are they getting the most from your services? We answer FAQs, provide directions, and coordinate fulfillment.

  • Survey/Risk Assessments

    Survey/Risk Assessments
    Gathering data about your patient population is important. We help you profile your population via surveys and health risk assessments.

  • Outreach & Enrollment

    Outreach & Enrollment
    Effective patient enrollment is key to health management success. Using client-defined criteria, we identify, engage, and enroll eligible patients.

  • Health/Pharma Research

    Health/Pharma Research
    Have a research project? Need to recruit participants? SironaHealth conducts initial candidate screening, participant nurturing, and scheduling.

  • Automated Voice Services

    Automated Voice Services
    Need to quickly deliver a message to your population base? SironaHealth offers personalized, HIPAA-compliant interactive voice services.


Looking to create a custom telehealth or marketing program? We can help! Our team can help you design, build, and launch the program that best meets your population's health needs. Click here to learn more