Care Solutions

Helping your patients receive the care they need with speed & compassion

We help health insurers, hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare focused organizations engage people about their health and connect them to the appropriate resource using the telephone, computer, and mobile device.

  • SironaHealth Nurse Advice Line Services Nurse Advice Line
    Provide patients with the support they need to make smart health choices. We connect patients to RNs via their phone, computer, & mobile device.

  • SironaHealth ER Decision Support Services ER Decision Support
    Some patients need reminders that the Emergency Room isn't a substitute for primary care. We help you identify, engage, and coach ER overusers.

  • SironaHealth Preventive Care Reminders Preventive Care Reminders
    Sometimes patients need an extra reminder to take care of themselves. Our targeted care reminders help patients stay healthy and compliant.

  • SironaHealth Pre-Admission Services Pre-Admission Services
    Prepare your patients for upcoming procedures and hospital stays. We identify risk factors, schedule tests, and conduct pre-admission coaching.

  • SironaHealth Post Discharge Services Post Discharge Follow Up
    Reduce hospital readmissions by supporting patients after discharge. We clarify discharge instructions, provide triage, & schedule follow-ups.

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