Nurse Advice Line Services

Guide your patients to the appropriate level of care, anytime, day or night

A Nurse Advice Line provides patients with guidance on how to use healthcare appropriately.

SironaHealth Registered Nurses educate your patients on their health, treatment options, and available resources—allowing them to make informed healthcare choices.

Based on presenting symptoms or specific health questions, RNs utilize physician authored clinical guidelines to provide:

  • General health information 
  • Self-care instructions, when appropriate
  • Guidance on whether to see a doctor
  • Physician and/or service referral
  • Escalation to Emergency Services

SironaHealth Registered Nurses

Providing clinical guidance to your patients with compassion and speed

SironaHealth Registered Nurses are the most experienced in the industry, averaging over 25+ years clinical experience. By providing trustworthy risk and benefit information, our team helps your patients choose the right treatment for themselves or their family.

  • As experts in telehealth, SironaHealth RNs are trained how to make meaningful patient connections over the telephone.
  • Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—ensuring your patients get the advice they need, in their time of need. 
  • The Rapid Triage Screening Model triages patients with urgent symptoms first, rather than “waiting their turn” in queue.

Physician Authored Clinical Guidelines

Trusted Triage Guidelines by Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson

At the core of SironaHealth's Nurse Triage service is a guideline based system that ensures all calls are handled appropriately, efficiently, and accurately based on presenting symptoms—all while supporting the natural flow of conversation. 

  • Clinical guidelines ensure appropriate care is provided to every patient during every telephone triage call.
  • Dr. Barton Schmitt (Pediatric) and Dr. David Thompson (Adult) triage guidelines cover the full age spectrum.
  • The Healthwise Knowledgbase provides easy access to reliable health information on over 5,500 healthcare topics.

Local Referrals, Scheduling, and Program Enrollment

Helping your patients find relevant healthcare practitioners and facilities

SironaHealth's Nurse Advice Line program provides you with an additional channel for identifying, referring, and enrolling patients into other relevant healthcare programs. At the end of non-emergency calls, our RNs engage your patients about relevant programs available to them.  

  • Refer patients to relevant, in-network physicians or other available healthcare facilities.
  • Coordinate patient scheduling with the appropriate healthcare practitioners and services within your system.
  • Identify and enroll eligible patients into your care or disease management programs. 

Transportation Support Services

Removing delays in appropriate care by coordinating travel options

Whether it means making a trip to the emergency room for urgent treatment, or simply conducting self-care, the Nurse Advice Line service will guide your patients to the next appropriate level of care. For those patients who need emergency care, SironaHealth will:  

  • Provide turn-by-turn directions to the closest Urgent Care Center or Emergency Department.
  • Coordinate patient transportation services, helping to ensure there is no delay in care for the patient. 
  • Call Emergency Services on behalf of the patient.

Awareness Campaigns

Drive appropriate utilization of the service

The success of your Nurse Advice Line service is directly related to how well you promote it. If your patients don't know the service exists, they won't call. SironaHealth will work closely with you to develop communication campaigns to drive appropriate utilization of the service. 

  • Create promotional campaigns targeted to your unique patient population, focusing on demographics and language.  
  • Utilize proven marketing tactics to drive awareness: direct mail, email, website forms, mobile apps, and IVR messages.
  • Use heard source reporting to identify which tactics are the most effective at driving Nurse Advice Line utilization.