EMR/EHR Integration

We can easily pass data between your EMR and our system

SironaHealth's systems are designed to easily pass data between third-party applications (like your EMR) to deliver more targeted engagement programs and patient insight.

By integrating your EMR with SironaHealth's services, you can:

Help your physicians better coordinate patient care

New care models require your primary care physicians to coordinate access to healthcare resources, monitor treatments, and simultaneously keep each member of the patient's care team "in-the-loop" — and you can't do that without an EMR. 

And while physicians play a central role in these care models, your care team will also include registered nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals who interact with the patient via the telephone or computer. As a result, it's critical that your telehealth partner be able to exchange data seamlessly with your EMR.

Sending secure data in any format, in any time interval

Rather than building specific interfaces for each application on the market, SironaHealth has developed a data service engine that can package and send data in any format at any frequency — whether it be weekly, daily, or hourly.

By offering a customizable data exchange process, we are able to easily integrate and provide a direct data feed to your EMR or other third-party applications.