Class and Event Registration Services

Centralize all registration processes into a single health contact center

We make it easy for you to centralize registration services across the call center and your website.

We manage all operational and planning details—adding or canceling classes, managing wait lists, rescheduling, and maintaining instructor profiles.

SironaHealth registration services will:

  • Schedule participant(s) for multiple events
  • Handle credit card transactions
  • Suggest complementary programs and events
  • Provide driving directions and preparation instructions
  • Send follow up fulfillment, such as confirmation letters

Healthcare Contact Center

Connect your patients to specialists who can register them for classes

SironaHealth's registration services connect your patients with professional staff that guide your callers through the entire registration process. We register callers over the phone, add or cancel classes, manage wait-lists, reschedule registrants, and maintain instructor profiles.

  • We emphasize warm and natural conversations with the patient, ensuring positive patient experiences.
  • Agents search for classes using various criteria, ensuring callers find the class that meets their needs and schedule.
  • All transaction data is documented along with call recordings for quality assurance purposes.

Website Registration

Allow your patients to manage all registration details on your website

To effectively increase registrations, you need to allow your patients to register for classes through both the telephone and your website. To help you engage your online patients, SironaHealth offers web-based registration services that can be integrated with your current website.

  • All online registration services  match your branding and easily integrated into your current website. 
  • Integrated with our contact center, we ensure consolidated rosters and reporting.
  • Allow your patients to schedule and process payments for your events online without causing double-bookings. 

Cross-Promote Available Classes and Events

Promote relevant classes based on what's known about each patient

SironaHealth's transitional care services are completely integrated—allowing us to seamlessly promote relevant classes and events at the end of non-urgent nurse triage, physician, service referral, or any other healthcare interactions we have with the patient.

  • Promotional messaging is triggered based on patient demographics, referrals, disposition, or pre-defined criteria. 
  • Utilize SironaHealth's confirmation emails and follow up letters to increase awareness of relevant classes and events.
  • Add promotional language to your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus or other automated messaging.