Patient Centered Transitional Care Services

Improve access and continuity of care across your healthcare system

Patient centered care is different—it focuses on total patient health, rather than acute/chronic care. 

Managing total patient health means looking beyond the hospital walls to help your patients continuously transition between one care setting to another as they move along the continuum of care.

SironaHealth supports these goals by providing patients with guidance on when, where, and how to use healthcare practitioners and settings. 

Nurse Advice Line

Nurse Advice Line services provide your patients with guidance on how to use healthcare resources appropriately.

SironaHealth’s team of Registered Nurses educate your patients on their health, treatment options, and available healthcare resources—enabling them to make the correct healthcare choices for themselves and their families.

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Pre-Admission Education

Pre-Admission services ensure patients are prepared for their upcoming procedure and their recovery plan.

By implementing a pre-admission process across your system you are able to improve your patient's health literacy prior to admission, avoid expensive cancellations due to non-compliance, and set appropriate service expectations. 

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Post Discharge Follow Up Services

Supporting patients after discharge is a critical part of any successful transitional care program.

SironaHealth supports patients after discharge, helping them understand and follow their care instructions. We identify gaps in care and coordinate all necessary follow up activities using clinical advice, referral, escalation, and scheduling. 

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Inbound Patient Support

We help your patients understand their healthcare service and insurance options by providing 24 hour assistance.

Acting as a seamless extension of your facility, we offer a variety of inbound support services that answer your patients frequently asked questions and coordinate local resources.

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Outbound Patient Engagement

With all of the noise in today’s world, engaging your patients can be a difficult task—tele-marketing, SPAM, junk mail, and general communication overload have made it much harder to connect with patients effectively. 

We understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work, and that to effectively engage your patients you need to offer highly personalized outreach campaigns.

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Scheduling and Care Reminders

SironaHealth drives utilization of relevant healthcare services by helping your patients schedule appointments. 

Appointment scheduling can be initiated as the result of any SironaHealth interaction—helping your patients easily secure all necessary appointments with their care team.

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Physician Referral Services

Serving as a seamless extension of your hospital, we field inbound calls generated by your marketing efforts.

Using caller-defined criteria, SironaHealth agents quickly identify multiple doctors, access physician information, and map multiple office locations to help your patient find the perfect physician match.

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Service Referral

In order for you to drive awareness and utilization of your healthcare services, you must provide targeted referrals whenever an engagement opportunity arises.

SironaHealth identifies and guides your patients to the appropriate service or facility within your institution and/or network using caller demographics, clinical disposition, location, or any other client defined criteria.

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Class Registration Services

SironaHealth makes it easy for you to centralize your registration services across the call center and your website.

We manage all operational and planning details—adding or canceling classes, managing wait lists, rescheduling registrants, and maintaining instructor profiles.

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