Health and Pharma Research Services

Engage, recruit, and motivate your participants

Let our specially trained agents and flexible technology conduct your research projects.

SironaHealth supports many types of research projects and activities for pharmaceutical companies, health plans, and other healthcare organizations by creating calling programs that engage eligible participants, capture relevant data, and recruit individuals into appropriate follow-up activities.

In addition to customizing our research services to your specifications and population needs, we have developed a number of engagement techniques that ensure you achieve optimal results for every program.

Examples of research services include:

  • Initial screening surveys to identify patient eligibility.
  • Outbound calling projects to schedule in-person study appointments.
  • Risk stratification and scoring to segment patient populations.
  • Attitudinal studies related to medication/care regimen adherence.

Build the right research team for your population

Based on your specific goals, we offer dedicated teams that include a mix of both clinical and non-clinical agents. Working with you, we'll create a training program to ensure we assign and train the best suited nurses and engagement specialists to your research projects.

Each research team uses our proprietary scripting and data collection tool, which utilizes branching and scoring logic to determine eligibility, prompt appropriate questions, and/or schedule appointments.

Our software also allows you to implement custom scripting, send print and electronic educational materials, schedule follow-up calls, receive custom reporting, and more.