About SironaHealth

Providing telehealth, call center, and technology solutions to healthcare organizations across the United States.

The role of a health contact center has become increasingly important in lowering healthcare costs, creating operating efficiency, and enhancing patient-provider communications.

We've developed programs that meet the healthcare consumer one-to-one, providing targeted information that helps them make the right healthcare choices - whether it be choosing the proper physician or knowing when they should seek emergency care.

Who is SironaHealth?

SironaHealth is a healthcare services company that helps health insurers, hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare focused organizations engage people about their health and connect them to the appropriate resource using the telephone, computer, and mobile device.

Headquartered in South Portland, Maine, SironaHealth is a leading provider of health call center, telehealth, and engagement services to healthcare clients all over the United States.


Our mission is to guarantee patient safety and satisfaction through compassionate and competent care and a relentless focus on quality improvement.  


We view ourselves as innovators within the healthcare marketplace. We are constantly looking at "what's next" and what we can do to deploy new solutions and services for our clients. Whether it's a smartphone app that allows you to stay connected to your health population 24 hours a day, everyday, or a new way of looking at maintaining high quality call center standards, we are big on thought leadership.

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