Reduce Non-Urgent Emergency Department Use

Reducing non-urgent use of the Emergency Department requires that you engage and educate patients on how to choose appropriate care. 

We help you identify, engage, and coach Emergency Department overusers.

  • Build awareness of ED alternatives.
  • Provide on-demand decision support services.
  • Refer patients to relevant healthcare settings.
  • Make sure patients get the right help, quickly.

ED Awareness Campaigns

Some of your patients don't know there are other options. Build awareness of ED alternatives and drive appropriate use of healthcare practitioners and settings with targeted communication campaigns.

  • Direct marketing, personalized for each patient.
  • Email and text nurturing campaigns.
  • Website and mobile app decision support tools.
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Coach ED Frequent Flyers

Some patients are hardwired to head to the ED first, regardless of whether it's an emergency. We provide targeted outreach to patients after their second or third non-urgent visit to the ED.

  • Identify what's causing inappropriate use.
  • Provide coaching on when to use the ED.
  • Enroll the patient into support services.
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24x7 Nurse Triage & Advice

Provide patients with 24x7 access to a registered nurse who can help them determine where to seek care – which can range from self-care, see PCP, or seek emergency care.

  • Provide answers to general health questions.
  • Evaluate symptoms using clinical guidelines.
  • Facilitate the appropriate use of resources.
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Physician Referral

Help your patients find appropriate healthcare practitioners, programs, and settings via personalized referrals conducted over the phone, computer, or mobile device.

  • Complete physician details and availability.
  • Up-to-date screenings and support services.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to relevant facilities.
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Service & Facility Referral

Do your patients know what other healthcare facilities are available to them – let alone how to find them? Help them locate your in-network urgent care centers, clinics, and primary care providers.

  • Help patients find relevant healthcare services.
  • Provide directions, contact info, and fulfillment.
  • Promote relevant resources across service lines
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Post ED Visit Follow Up

Connect with patients 24-72 hours after they leave the hospital Emergency Department. Review discharge instructions, evaluate health, and coordinate all necessary follow up care.

  • Review health and provide follow up triage.
  • Coach patients on when to use the ED.
  • Enroll them into appropriate support services.
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