Prevent Hospital Readmissions

SironaHealth reduces hospital readmissions by coordinating your patients' care as they transition between appropriate healthcare practitioners and settings.

Allowing us to identify and resolve patient risk factors that lead to a readmission.

  • Address complications prior to admission.
  • Improve the health literacy of your patients.
  • Increase compliance with discharge instructions.
  • Coordinate and schedule follow up activities.

Admission Planning

Prepare your patients for upcoming procedures and hospital stays. We identify risk factors, schedule tests, conduct pre-admission coaching, and set post discharge expectations.

  • Gather a detailed patient history via a HRA.
  • Schedule any needed tests or appointments.
  • Coach patients on the discharge process.
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Discharge Materials

Providing clear instructions is a crucial part in driving compliance. We help you clarify important calls-to-action on care instructions and provide relevant supporting materials.

  • Optimize your discharge instructions.
  • Provide relevant health education guides.
  • Connect via website and mobile apps.
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24x7 Nurse Triage & Advice

Provide patients with a 24x7 access point to clinical support. Patients can ask a registered nurse questions about their health or care plan via their phone, computer, or mobile device.

  • Answer questions about symptoms or care plan.
  • Provide guidance on when to see a doctor.
  • Escalate patients to Emergency Services.
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Post-visit Patient Calls

Reduce readmissions by coordinating patient care. We connect with patients 24-72 hours after discharge to clarify care instructions, provide triage, and schedule follow-ups.

  • Improve care and medication compliance.
  • Evaluate health status and escalate as needed.
  • Coordinate care between various practitioners.
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Physician Referral

Help your patients find – and use – the appropriate healthcare practitioners, programs, and settings needed for a successful recovery. 

  • Complete physician details and availability.
  • Up-to-date screenings and support services.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to relevant facilities.
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Appointment Setting

Having trouble getting patients to schedule their follow up appointments? We connect with your patients and facilitate the scheduling of appointments with their specialist or PCP.

  • Referral to in-house scheduling services.
  • Direct scheduling within your applications.
  • Online scheduling via clients website.
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