Increase Patient Compliance

Increase Patient CompliancePatient health and well-being is driven by compliance to care plans, discharge instructions, and pre-admission regimens.

We help you improve health literacy, motivate patients to follow care plans, and manage transitions between care settings. 

  • 24x7 access to relevant healthcare resources.
  • Encourage use of exams, tests, and medications.
  • Coordinate patient care across all care settings.
  • Keep each member of the care team up-to-date.

Enrollment & Scheduling

Using client-defined criteria, we identify and engage eligible patients, connect them with the appropriate healthcare service, motivate them to participate, and conduct enrollment process.

  • Build awareness in helpful healthcare services.
  • Increase participation in care management.
  • Geo-based scheduling for local resources.
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Pre Admission Screening

Prepare your patients for upcoming procedures, their stay in the hospital, and what they need to do to recover successfully.

  • Identify any potential patient risk factors.
  • Schedule any required exams or tests.
  • Educate patients on their responsibilities.
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Critical Notifications

No news isn't good news. Your physicians receive information ranging from basic patient callback details to complete patient demographics with relevant symptoms and/or test results.

  • Secure text, email, and paging notifications.
  • Dedicated toll-free line for more information.
  • Escalation protocols for lab values/symptoms.
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24x7 Nurse Triage & Advice

Provide patients with 24x7 access to a registered nurse who can help them determine where to seek care – which can range from self-care, see PCP, or seek emergency care.

  • Provide answers to general health questions.
  • Evaluate symptoms using clinical guidelines.
  • Facilitate the appropriate use of resources.
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Post Discharge Follow Up

Connect with patients 24-72 hours after they leave the hospital Emergency Department. Review discharge instructions, evaluate health, and coordinate all necessary follow up care.

  • Improve care and medication compliance.
  • Evaluate health status and escalate as needed.
  • Coordinate care between doctors and settings.
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Research and Recruitment

Have a research project? Need to recruit participants? We conduct initial candidate screening, participant nurturing, and local scheduling for research and recruitment.

  • Screening surveys to identify patient eligibility.
  • Risk stratification and population scoring.
  • Scheduling and reminder to drive participation.
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