Improve the Patient Experience

Improve the Patient ExperienceWe provide consistent, personally relevant interactions and guidance to patients – ranging from physician referral to on-going care management after discharge.

In short, we improve the continuity of care within your patient-centered organization.

  • Identify and resolve patient dissatisfiers.
  • Provide meaningfully customized referrals.
  • Send secure notifications (text, email, and paging).
  • Manage patient transitions between care settings.

24x7 Answering Services

We provide a 24x7 access point to patients in need of a clinician, service, healthcare setting, and/or other administrative resources within your system – connecting them to the right resources quickly. 

  • Provide a centralized contact point for patients.
  • Answer FAQs, conduct transfers, make referrals.
  • Offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Appointment Scheduling

One call resolution. We facilitate appointment scheduling by accessing your third-party systems, interfacing data exchanges with your software, or by transferring calls to your staff.

  • Referral to in-house scheduling services.
  • Direct scheduling within your applications.
  • Online scheduling via clients website.
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Population Surveys

Identify specific patient dissatisfiers that are impacting your HCAHPS scores. We help you profile your population via custom inbound and outbound surveys and health risk assessments.

  • Review health and provide follow up triage.
  • Coach patients on when to use the ED.
  • Enroll them into appropriate support services.
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Community Nurse Line

The community Nurse Advice Line provides patients with 24x7 access to an RN who can guide them on where to seek care – ranging from self-care, see PCP, or contact EMS.

  • Extend 24x7 clinical care beyond the care setting.
  • Increase patient access to support resources.
  • Improve patient perception of care.
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Admission Planning

Prepare your patients for upcoming procedures and hospital stays. We identify risk factors, schedule tests, conduct pre-admission coaching, and set post discharge expectations.

  • Gather a detailed patient history via an HRA.
  • Schedule any needed tests or appointments.
  • Coach patients on the pre/post discharge process.
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Post Discharge Follow Up

Increase HCAHPS, drive patient loyalty, and improve outcomes by following up with patients within 24-72 hours of their being discharged from the hospital or Emergency Department.

  • Improve patient peace of mind.
  • Increase patient satisfaction with care.
  • Identify specific patient dissatisfiers.
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