Improve Patient Access to Health Care

Acquire New Loyal Patients

Provide your patients with a convenient way to receive trusted health advice and access to relevant resources.

Our patient access services are completely integrated to provide health call center, website, and mobile solutions – increasing engagement and coordinating appropriate use of healthcare practitioners and facilities 

  • 24x7 access to clinicians beyond your hospital's four walls.
  • Recommend and set appointments with affiliated physicians.
  • Refer patients to your centers of excellence.
  • Drive participation in health events and classes.
  • Prove marketing results with ROI reporting.

24x7 Patient Response

We serve as the primary access point for your marketing campaigns, coordinating the patient response management process on your behalf – earning engaged and loyal patients in return. 

  • Provide a 24x7 access point for your health system.
  • Answer FAQs, conduct eligibility checks, and enroll.
  • Offer targeted referrals and drive conversions.
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Enrollment & Scheduling

Using client-defined criteria, we identify and engage eligible patients, connect them with the appropriate healthcare service, motivate them to participate, and conduct the enrollment process.

  • Build awareness in helpful healthcare services.
  • Increase participation in care management.
  • Geo-based scheduling for local resources.
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Physician Referral

Help your patients find an appropriate doctor or service. Using patient-defined criteria, we identify available healthcare practitioners and settings and facilitate appointments.

  • Complete physician details and availability.
  • Up-to-date screenings and support services.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to relevant facilities.
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Service & Facility Referral

To drive awareness and utilization of your healthcare services, you need to provide targeted referrals whenever an engagement opportunity arises.

  • Help patients find relevant healthcare services.
  • Provide directions, contact info, and fulfillment.
  • Promote relevant resources across service lines.
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Class & Event Registration

Engage patients and build loyalty through educational courses. From event scheduling to payment processing, we improve participation rates for your health and wellness programs.

  • Schedule participant(s) for multiple events.
  • Handle credit card transactions securely.
  • Synchronize across phone, web, and mobile.
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Community Nurse Line

The community Nurse Advice Line provides patients with 24x7 access to a RN who can guide them on where to seek care – ranging from self-care, see PCP, or contact EMS.

  • Extend 24x7 clinical care beyond the care setting.
  • Increase patient access to support resources.
  • Improve patient perception of care.
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