Implement New Patient Centered Models of Care

We help you Implement Patient Centered Models of Care by creating and launching an effective care team — available to your patients 24 hours a day, every day.

SironaHealth Supports the Patient Centered Medical Home
What is the medical home model?

Led by the primary care provider, the patient-centered medical home model employs a team approach to providing patients with around-the-clock access to healthcare resources — whether that be access to physicians, specialists, registered nurses, pharmacists, or other professionals.

The medical home's focus is to build on the physician-patient relationship, thereby creating a care model that supports the whole patient, rather than a specific disease or body part.

The result? A care model that fosters the appropriate use of clinical and administrative resources, improved risk management, and better health outcomes.

How we facilitate access to appropriate care in the PCMH

In the medical home, the primary care provider coordinates access to healthcare resources, carefully monitors all treatments, and simultaneously keeps each member of the patient's care team "in-the-loop" via electronic health records.

But for the medical home to be effective, an infrastructure must be in place that allows the primary care provider to effectively manage their patient's health. Specifically, the medical home must:

  • Provide access to healthcare professionals at anytime, day or night.
  • Initiate patient outreach programs that support the coordination of care.
  • Engage patients via the telephone, Web, email, and/or mobile device.
  • Support the seamless transfer of patient data to EMR/EHRs.

Why all the buzz about Accountable Care Organizations?

Spurred by the Affordable Care Act, healthcare providers and health insurers are forming Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) with one goal in mind: To work together to treat Medicare patients across all care settings.

But to accomplish this, not only does your ACO need to recruit the right healthcare professionals, it also needs to implement
a communication infrastructure that will quickly connect patients to the appropriate resource within your network.

Clinical Triage & Health AdviceClinical Triage
& Health Advice

Our highly trained nurses make up our health team, offering guideline-based advice to your patients.

Our nurses evaluate your patient's symptoms and direct them to the next appropriate level of care.

In addition to our health advice line, we also offer your patients ER decision supportcare reminderspre-admission education, and post discharge care.

Referral Management
Referral Management

Every call is a chance to encourage positive health choices by promoting facilities, programs, and doctors that will improve your patient's wellbeing.

Our referral engine can trigger call flows and agent messaging based on data collected during any call.

This allows us to promote your relevant services and professionals in real time.

Scheduling & Notifications
   Scheduling & Notifications

Closing the loop on patient referrals means being able to schedule appointments.

As part of any referral made by SironaHealth, we can facilitate scheduling or transfer them directly to your scheduling office.

We can also conduct reminder calls and other notification services, such as email and secure SMS text, on your behalf.

Custom Survey & Risk Analysis

Custom Survey
& Risk Analysis

To improve quality of care, you'll need to identify patient health risk factors, eligibility, and care trends.

SironaHealth can design, implement, and report on custom surveys and health assessment campaigns -- ranging from satisfaction surveys to complex HRAs.

We'll work with you to determine what criteria and scripting you need to analyze your population.

















Helping you meet NCQA requirements

SironaHealth offers 15 services that meet NCQA requirements for medical home certification, which includes our 24 x 7 nurse advice line. These inbound and outbound contact center services connect patients with appropriate healthcare resources over the telephone, Internet, and mobile devices while providing all interaction data back to the provider's electronic health record.

By partnering with SironaHealth, our clients can implement guideline-driven processes that will support the coordination of care between the patient, their doctor, and the rest of the care team.