Coordinating All Necessary Patient Activities

SironaHealth extends the reach of your patient centered organization, allowing you to improve population health, acquire and retain patients, and build patient loyalty.

We accomplish this by providing 24x7 access to clinicians, dynamic referral and escalation to appropriate healthcare resources, continuous feedback to the patient's entire care team, and relentless quality oversight. 

SironaHealth Patient Access Model

How We Can Help You Improve Healthcare

Drive Patient Acquisition

We help close the loop on your patient
acquisition and loyalty programs. To do this, we provide completely integrated health call center, website, and mobile solutions – increasing engagement.

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Increase Patient Compliance

Patient non-compliance is a major obstacle to the effective delivery of healthcare. We increase compliance by improving health literacy, motivating patients to follow care plans, and managing care transitions. 

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Reduce Non-Urgent ED Use

Some patients need reminders that the Emergency Room isn't a substitute for primary care or non-urgent issues. We help you identify, engage, and coach Emergency Department overusers. 

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Improve Patient Experiences

We provide consistent, personally relevant interactions, and guidance to patients across your entire healthcare system. In short, we improve the continuity of care within your patient-centered organization.  

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Prevent Hospitals Readmissions

We reduce hospital readmissions by coordinating your patients' care between healthcare practitioners and settings. Allowing us to resolve patient risk factors that often lead to a readmission. 

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New Patient Centered Models of Care

Patient-centered care models require you to coordinate (often disjointed) resources. SironaHealth extends your service reach by managing the transitional care needs of each unique patient

Find out how SironaHealth can be on-call for you after-hours and on weekends

Custom Programs

Whether it's simple outbound calls or complex health management, we have the ability to launch and manage your program. We help you outline your population health goals, design your program, then provide the resources you need to execute your care program successfully. Click here to learn more.