Patient Centered Transitional Care

Ensuring appropriate care is delivered across your system.

We provide your patients with 24x7 access to clinicians, dynamic referral and escalation to relevant resources, and continuous feedback to your care teams.

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SironaHealth's Transitional Care Services include:

  • Nurse Triage & Advice »

    Using clinical guidelines, RNs guide patients to the appropriate level of care based on symptoms.

  • Pre-Admission Planning »

    Identify risk factors, schedule tests, and conduct pre-admission coaching prior to admission.

  • Physician Referral »

    Help your patients find primary care physicians and relevant specialists within your network.

  • Outreach & Assessment »

    Using client-defined criteria, we identify, engage, and enroll eligible patients in relevant care programs.

  • Post Discharge Follow Up »

    Follow up with discharged patients to clarify care instructions, provide triage, and schedule follow-ups.

  • Event Registration »

    Improve participation rates in your sponsored events with scheduling and payment services.

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